Shared A Stage With:

2012 ~ Mike Dillon, Roberto Morbioli, Eric Normand, Dreadnaught, Esthema, The Dirty Ticks, Chris Fitz, Gumbo Diablo, Rhythm Method, Mike O'Connell, Tammy Lynn & Myles High, Lewis-Welles Band, Rod Welles

2011 ~ Esthema, Rhythm Method, Dave Gerard, Strange Brew All-Stars, Chris Fitz, Michael Fioretti Band, Theatre Unmasked

2010 ~ The Dirty Tricks, Lonely Gus and the One Night Stand, Chris Fitz Band

2009 ~ Matthew Stubbs and Sax Gordon, Rhythm Method, Amorphous Band, Chris Fitz Band, The Dirty Tricks, Lonely Gus and the One Night Stand, Wize Crackaz

2008 ~ Rhythm Method, Dreadnaught, Chris Fitz Band, Mr. Nick and Friends

2007 ~ Rhythm Method, Mario Perrett, Chris Fitz Band, Kan-Tu Blues Band, Mr. Nick’s Blues Mafia, Brandon Laperre, Queen City Kings, Adam Connelly

2006 ~ The Soul Band, Rhythm Method, Queen City Kings, Mr Nick, Phil Pemberton, Chris Fitz Band, Wize Crackaz, Kassie Buckley, Ace of Spades, Howard Randall

2005 ~ Moon Boot Lover, Michelle Wilson, Chris Fitz Band, Mr Nick, Woodburn Arena Band,
Brian Templeton, Shirley Lewis, Mike Welch, Ace of Spades, Kassie Buckley

2004 ~ Spookie Daly Pride, Kan-Tu Blues Band, Lonely Gus and the One Night Stand, Tommy Dee Band

2003 ~ KD Bell, Ed Jurdi, Prana, Tommy Dee Band, Ethan Bessey, Pete Finkle, Justin Walton,
Jeff Hemlepp

2002 ~ Electric Blue, The Yardrockers, Noel Cristopher, Alan and the Alligators, Tim Theriault,
Voodoo Rockers, Four Men and Their Pieces, Rick Landry

2001 ~ Electric Blue, Starch, Dreadnaught, James Montgomery, Rick Russell, Shirley Lewis,
Rhythm Method, Delta 88, Coby Carlucci, Tractor Trailer, Tim Theriault

2000 ~ Ethan Bessey, Chad Hollister Band, Tractor Trailer

1999 ~ Chad Hollister Band, Sean Harkness, Gordon Stone, Mark Miller, Tim Theriault, Psychic
Slice, Deidre Randall

1998 ~ J. Baxter Crowley, Dr. Humble, Two In The Pocket, Calico, Deep Fried Blues

1997 ~ Cynthia Catania, Sickly Sweets, The Allmost Brothers Band, Preach To Reach Ministry Ensemble, Oscar Jordan, Black Cat Bone, Under Pressure, Hard Evidence, JD and The Ninjas

1996 ~ KD Bell, World Cup Blues Band

1995 ~ Kintave

1993-1994 ~ The Sackett Brothers, Northern Comfort

1991-1992 ~ Northern Comfort, Roadkill, High School Band, Jazz and Pep Bands, Theatre Projects, Jazz Ensembles at Plymouth State College

Put It To Tape With:

2011 ~ The Jeff Conley Band

2007 ~ The Queen City Kings, Rhythm Method, Tom Martin on the Bass and Chris Thurston on Drums, Adam Connelly

2006 ~ Tom Martin on the Bass, Mr Nick and Friends

2004 ~ Tractor Trailer (Arrangement Credit on 4th of July)

2003 ~ Ethan Bessey, Dave Marshall

2002 ~ Coby Carlucci, Ethan Bessey, Marcus

2001 ~ Coby Carlucci

2000 ~ Two In The Pocket

1999 ~ Mark Miller, Justin Walton, Kevin Ronkko, Two In The Pocket

1997 ~ Sickly Sweets

1996 ~ World Cup Blues Band

1995 ~ Kintave

Formal Training:

1994 ~ Berklee College of Music Boston, MA Performance

1992-1993 ~ Loyola University New Orleans, LA Music Education Department

1991 ~ Summer Program @ Berklee College of Music Boston, MA

1990-1992 ~ Private Lessons by Don Williams (Tonkin Toys, Raccoon Beach)


1992 ~ Outstanding Musicianship and Semper Fidelis Awards

1991 ~ NH Jazz All-State

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